Diese Frauen waren genau dort, wo du dich gerade befindest.
Das sind ihre Geschichten.

Ann-Marie from France, 56 years old,  she noticed her wrinkles became more visible last few years.  She is very conscious about foods and she eats very healthy. She has a very natural and healthy lifestyle so she decided to join the Face Yoga Method membership.  She is a very dedicated Face Yoga Method practitioner and she did the poses 5 time a day for about 8 weeks. Here are the Before/After photos of her.

Ann-Marie, 56J


Photos taken a week apart.

“I am completely wowed by the process, and have been finding all the recipes, and doing the warm up rotations and stretches, (and my arm is feeling better from a frozen shoulder!)”



I have been doing yoga and I am always in a good shape but I totally ignored my face. I know how yoga practice changed my body so I had no doubt about the benefits of the Face Yoga Exercises. However, the results I got from the Face Yoga exercises are amazing! They are more than I had expected.  I saw so many changes in such a short time!!!! And the results last longer than I had expected.

People noticed the changes on my face right away. Many have commented on my face that my face looks much slimmer.

I am skinny but face was not. My skin complexion got so much better. My smile became so natural. And even at work, I feel so comfortable and confident with my smile and I got some compliments on that too.

I cannot tell how happy I am to find the Face Yoga program. I cannot help myself but move my face muscle whenever I have a chance.

I am not afraid of getting older, and in fact, I am so looking forward to see my changes as I age.

(before taken on 11/25/14, after taken on 4/16/2015

Nagisa, 37J


Deutlich reduzierte horizontale Falten auf der Stirn.

Dobrena, 40J

Foto rechts: DAVOR

Foto links: DANACH => deutlich weniger ausgeprägte Nasolabialfalten.

Angehobene Mundwinkel.

Dobrena, 40J

Bevor- und Danach-Foto von der Face Yoga Übung „The Big O“.